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5 Tonne Excavator

5 Tonne Excavator

Powerful and efficient this excavator is suitable for most jobs in most conditions

£370.00 per week + VAT

£222.00 per day + VAT

(If you do not have hired-in plant insurance you will be charged 15% of the hire rate for insurance. Fuel charges also apply.)

  • Comes with 4 buckets for a range of applications
  • Can be fitted with hydraulic attachments including Breakers and Augers
  • Excellent stability yet can work in restricted spaces
  • Weighs 4.77t 
  • Dig Depth of over 3.3m, reach of 5.8m
  • Width is 1.96m, height of 2.55m
  • 15.6kw water cooled diesel engine

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