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New Guidance for Forward Tipping Dumpers

24th May 2022

New Guidance for Forward Tipping Dumpers

A number of manufacturers are now supplying a variant of forward tipping dumper, where the operator's seating position can be rotated through 180 degrees and categorised as a rotating seating dumper. This allows the operator to travel in the machine either facing the skip or with the skip behind them. The core rationale for the operator to travel the machine with the skip behind them is that it provides much improved visibility for the direction of travel compared to the operator facing the skip - enhancing safety and welfare of those around the machine.

However, There are a number of limited situations where the operator should travel facing the skip. To provide industry and users with clear guidance as to which position the operator should be when carrying out dumper activities using rotating seat types, the Construction Industry's Plant Safety Group has devised a supplement to their Safe Use of Dumpers guidance and lists an operational protocol when travelling with the dumper and when being loaded and unloaded. It also lists when variations need to be made and under what circumstances.

The supplement on the protocol can be downloaded free of charge below.

More plant safety publications can be downloaded free of charge at

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